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Fine Art Photography Print of a Osteospermum by Dan Massey

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August 2002
Mamiya 645 + 80mm + Extension tube No 2, Kodak TMax 100
12"x16" Resin Coated Print, Selenium Toned
Early morning sun on a dew covered flower stood out dramatically against the dark foliage. The osteospermum (African Daisy) is a fabulous flower with long flowering times and relatively hardy, which is useful in Lancashire. The beautiful structure of the flower makes it ideal for black and white photography.

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explore our site and learn more about the propagation, botany and plant care of this beautiful plant. - See the fine art Osteospermum as a Lith Print! provides step by step instructions on converting fine art photography negatives into beautiful lith prints. Lith Printing is an alternative black and white photography process.

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