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Black and White Photography - An Introduction

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Darkroom Layout and Equipment
A brief overview of darkroom design, including diagrams and theory on what constitutes darkness.

Film Processing, Chemicals & Equipment  ..page2  ..page3
A step by step work through of processing a 120 format black and white roll film, although this would suit a 35mm film equally. In addition a brief discussion about film types and formats. The first stage of creating a fine art print in black and white.

Theory of Film Development
A more technical page about how the latent image of a film becomes a negative image

Structure of Film
Diagram on the structure of black and white film

Film Types
The types of black and white as well as colour film available to photographers, which films give finer grain or faster speeds. Ilford XP2 covered on this page.

Film Latitude
What is film latitude and how far out from the ideal light readings can you get away with, how to understand your light meter and what to do if your camera or lens will only adjust in full stops. How does black and white print film differ from colour print film or even transparency

Film Spectral Sensitivity
Panchromatic, Orthochromatic are all names that are banded about, this page will help you unravel them.

Paper Printing Equipment and Processing
A full blow by blow account on the production of fine art photography printing from the setting up of the enlarger, decisions on the paper grades and types and how to set your timers.

Test Prints
Test prints save money and paper, why use a full sheet when a strip will do, the reasons why and why not are here. The production of fine art photographs requires blood sweat and plenty of paper.


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