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Fine Art Photography Print of the week:
Title: Osteospermum

Fine Art Photography Flower Print of Osteospermum

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The osteospermum is a limited edition fine art print in a series of 100, individually produced with traditional photographic techniques on resin coated photographic paper or fibre based photographic paper. The fine art photography print is toned with selenium for archival performance, mounted and supplied with a mount. The print shows crisp detail and a vivid tonal range, making it one of the most desirable fine art photographs in the galleries.  

What is Fine Art Photography?

"..creative art, especially visual art whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic or intellectual content" according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

  These photographs have no value outside that of the aesthetic and should be looked upon as stand alone entities, created purely for the indulgence of the viewer, and, lest we forget, the fine art photography enthusiast.

Fine Art Photography Technical Information

This portfolio is brought to you in digital format, though the real fine art prints or photographs are entirely different. All of the black and white photographs are made by hand, from the start of the process to the end. The process starts with the capture of the image on the negative, to do this I use a variety of cameras, my favourite being a Mamiya 645 Super. I prefer manual cameras, in fact I don't own an automatic camera. The Mamiya does not have a light meter so I read the light readings with a Pentax V analogue spot meter which has a one degree viewing angle. For studio work I use a fairly basic flash meter. The film rolls are processed by hand and then contact printed. The shots which I think will come out well are then enlarged using an old Meopta enlarger and a paper which is suitable. As each fine art print is made manually with a degree of dodging and burning, no two photographs ever come out exactly the same, which gives individuality for each picture. I like to print on fibre based papers which are the traditional papers but the handling, washing and processing is very time consuming, so only the best photographs ever get printed in this method. The bulk of the black and white photography is rendered on resin coated paper. Every fine art photography purist has his or her own favourite papers and chemicals for producing what they regard as the best black and white fine art photograph possible. My own personal choice is Ilford black and white multi-grade developer and  Kentmere Art Classic. My choice of film is Ilford Pan F - a fine grain slow film, or Kodak Technical Pan which has very fine grain indeed. I generally only indulge in black and white photography, finding colour photography a bit souless, however some of the photographs were shot with a digital camera, which is lighter and smaller.

That said, I am enthusiastic for as many people as possible to start producing their own Black and White photography or Fine Art Photography so I have produced and continue to update a technical areas of the site:

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